Our commitment for all:

We will create the best public golf and leisure destination in the North West


We have begun the exciting transformation of our golf and leisure offering at Allerton Manor. Whether a neighbour, avid golfer, local diner or dog walker, we are dedicated to providing the best.

To create the region’s best public golf and leisure destination for you, and for all of Liverpool. Here’s our plan-


We’ve made real progress in the transformation of Allerton Manor so far, however our work and its £15 million vision for this glorious part of South Liverpool is far from complete. We believe the best is yet to come. You’ll probably have a lot of questions and this leaflet should go some way to putting your mind at ease.

If you have any further questions email community@allertonmanorgolfclub.com

New spaces for all

When will Phase one start?

Following the unanimous approval by Liverpool City Council’s Planning Committee of our plans in September 2020, we will be starting work on site in January 2021.


How long will Phase One last?

This will involve the closure of the existing 9-hole course so we can begin to remodel and extend the 18-hole course to create a much improved par 72 Championship course.

We will be widening the existing access on Allerton Road to improve safety and visibility, whilst re-instating the original stone entrance pillars either side of this new gateway, as well as significant improvements to the Public Rights of Way.

We will be resurfacing and improving the existing car parks to provide safe and fit-for-purpose parking provision.
The new access and car park layout, along with footpath improvements, will create a safer environment for pedestrians including walkers.

We envisage the landscaping and course remodelling works, requiring access from Allerton Road, will be completed in less than 18 months.

Progress Update... Of Approved Works

For all questions: CLICK HERE

Our commitment for all: We will create the best public golf and leisure destination in the North West

As part of our promise to keep you updated on the progress of our works, we are pleased to bring you a mid-year update.

Fletcher’s Beer Garden

We have finished the work on the new Beer Garden outside Fletcher’s Sports Bar, complete with 21m2 outdoor screen and fully operational bar & kitchen.


We have completed the works on our new purpose-built car park. We can now accommodate spaces for over 200 vehicles. We have also added more disabled spaces and electric car charging points. Now everyone can get parked and charged.

Allerton Road Entrance

We have widened the listed entrance to Allerton Manor which provides safer access and egress to/from the Golf Club.

Public Right of Way

We have vastly enhanced the Public Right of Way footpath from Allerton Road and installed new bollard lighting along the entire length of the footpath
– increasing safety to pedestrians, our guests and diners in the evening.

The Golf Course

We have commenced work on the former 9 hole course which is being reconfigured to become 4 new longer, more challenging holes on the new and improved par 72 Championship course.

Course Construction Traffic

Please note that these works are ongoing and that there is currently HGV traffic coming to site along Allerton Road from the Woolton Road end by Clarke Gardens, that will for the time being cause an element of disruption to you, our local residents. To minimise the impact we are operating our own road sweeper to reduce dust and mud along Allerton Road. We have also erected new signage advising all HGV and site traffic to adhere to the 20mph speed limit which is in place along Allerton Road.

Adventure for all

What impact will this have on me as a Resident?



We have agreed with Liverpool City Council a set of conditions and hours of activity designed to minimise any inconvenience to you our immediate neighbours and local residents. We do not envisage any off-site impacts to residents on Allerton Road or close by. Here’s the steps we’ve taken to minimise any disruption to you.


•   All HGVs and site traffic will be approaching
from Woolton Road/Clarke Gardens onto Allerton Road


•   Hours of operation will be Monday to Friday between the hours of 8.00am and 5:00 pm.


•   We will have banksmen operating on the estate entrance to ensure safety for road users, pedestrians and the community.


•   We have purchased a road sweeper that will operate Monday to Friday to ensure Allerton Road is kept safe, clean and tidy.


•   Noise impacts have been assessed by Liverpool City Council and we do not envisage any off-site adverse impact to local residents on Allerton Road or close by.

What should I do if I have an issue or a concern?

It’s important to us that you understand and are comfortable with the approved works at Allerton Manor.

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