women's golf day

Women’s Golf Day is an event celebrating girls and women playing golf and learning skills that last a lifetime.

To celebrate, we sat down with some of our amazing ladies to find out why they took up golf, learn some top tips and understand what they love about being a member of Allerton Manor Golf Club!

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My husband encouraged me to take up golf. Watching ladies professional golfers on TV also inspired me.

I started by having beginners group golf lessons with some ladies that I have continued to be great friends with. We now have golf holidays and trips together- family and friends.

Maxine Lythgoe

I got into golf about 12 years ago through a group of tennis friends wanting to take up golf. A local golf club was providing ladies group lessons on a Saturday morning so I went along.

My husband also plays, and was keen for me to learn the game. We play ‘Opens’ together and enjoy ‘holiday golf’.

Jean Nanson

What would you say to women thinking of taking up golf?

It’s a great sport for women. You can play at any age and helps you keep fit and healthy 

Thiri Mo Soe – Lady Captain 2023

Don’t just think about it, Do it now!

Ruth Sturgeon

Do it! The golf is just one side of things, you’ll make loads of new friends. The social side is amazing

Maxine Lythgoe

What’s your top golf tip?

Don’t feel down if you have a bad game, tomorrow is a new day! Just enjoy being outside, active and spending time with friends!

Christine Ford

Hit the fairways with a smile and keep smiling through the bad shots because the good ones always follow. If they don’t, there’s always the 19th hole!

Lydia Brennan

What’s do you love about Allerton Manor Golf Club?

The friendliness of everyone, members, staff, green-keepers. The wonderful surroundings, together with the great eating and drinking venues.

Lydia Brennan

I love our club at Allerton Manor. The ladies make any new comers very welcome and we will soon enjoy playing with the men’s section again as we used to do a few years ago. The course is very pretty whatever the season of the year.

Lydia Brennan

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