Making the Most of Your Golf Club

The stereotypical view of your local golf club being a place for hen-pecked husbands to spend a quiet few hours away from their wives and families has long-since been discredited. The modern golf club is part of the local community and has a little something for everyone.

In this article, we’re going to take a look at just some of the ways the entire family can enjoy their time at Allerton Manor Golf Club.

Get fit on our 9-hole course

Golf is a low-impact sport and a perfect way to maintain your health and improve your overall fitness. Combining a brisk walk with the regular swinging of your clubs, a round of golf on our 9-hole course is an excellent source of both aerobic and anaerobic exercise.

Everyone can play

Here at Allerton Manor Golf Club, we believe that anybody should be allowed to enjoy a round of golf. So long as you can swing your club without hurting anyone in the process, we’re happy to see you enjoying our course. This means there’s no reason for families to split up while one or two go to play a round. With junior and senior memberships available alongside our regular package, the sport is open to all.

Become your best

New players join the club all the time, and every day is likely to be somebody’s first ever game. Not only do we provide a welcoming environment to new players, we also offer our membership help, assistance, and training from some of our club professionals. They will help you with the basics and develop your skills. Once you think you’re ready, why not sign up for one of our weekly competitions and show us what you can do?


Fletcher’s Sports Bar

That said, our golf course is only one reason why Allerton Manor is so popular with groups of friends and families. We don’t expect anybody to be dragged around the course against their will. If you have a couple of members of your group who want to put in a couple of hours on the course, why not take advantage of our sports bar while you wait for them to finish? With a wide range of drinks and bar snacks available, as well as a plus-size television with all the biggest sporting events being broadcast, you can while away the hours until their return with pleasant company in a comfortable atmosphere.

Part of our extended family

For many of our members, Allerton Manor is more than just a place to play golf. It’s a place to meet with friends, spend time with their families, and celebrate the momentous occasions in their lives. Our Hay Loft function room has been the site of hundreds of parties and celebrations over the years. We’ve had weddings, birthday parties, anniversaries, engagements, retirements, christenings, and more, as the club has served as the venue for some of our members’ biggest life events. It can be the same for you, too.

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