Wedding Competition: Meet the winning couple!

wedding competition: meet the winning couple

Earlier this year we ran a competition to win a wedding in The Hay Loft at Allerton Manor, worth over £10,500. We were overwhelmed with the amount of interest, with hundreds of people entetering including our winners Emily and Conor! We caught up with them to find out more!

When did you propose?

Conor: I had planned to propose a month prior. The plan was to go on a lovely walk, my friend is really into photography so I thought I’d be able to get some great shots of the proposal, but Emily was actually really sick on the day. I tried to persuade her to come but she wasn’t having any of it, so I had to quickly plan something else.

Luckily the month later was our ten-year anniversary so I booked a spa weekend and arranged to go to the hotel a few hours before we checked in and decorate the room. Funny story – when I got there I actually locked myself out of my car so that was a big panic. Once I was all sorted, I picked Em up and she wanted stop off places and go shopping, I ended up getting really stressed because I was so nervous.

Emily:  Stressed to the point where I actually asked if he was okay.

Conor: Thankfully when we arrived at the hotel it went really smoothly, she said yes – and here we are today!

What made you enter the competition?

Emily: I saw it and couldn’t believe the prize, it felt like one of those dream competitions, where you enter but never in a million years do you think you could win. We started talking about wedding planning a few months ago, but didn’t know where to start, I saw your competition and couldn’t resist entering. You’ve got to be in it to win it!

Conor: Em told me in passing, but I completely forgot about it, you never think you’ll win so it didn’t really register

Where were you when you found out you had won? 

Emily: We were at home, I was literally in the garden hanging up the washing. My phone started ringing, so Conor shouted me in, it was an unknown number so I debated not answering it. Luckily I picked up, they asked if I’d entered a competition to win a wedding and said that I’d won. I couldn’t believe it – I ran back into Conor crying!

Conor: I thought something bad had happened! I didn’t think it could be the competition

Emily: The washing was still all over the place two hours later, where I’d just left it. We were too excited calling our family to tell them the news

What went through your head when you found out you had won?

Emily: I’d signed up to the Allerton Manor wedding fayre earlier in the day, so I thought they were just calling to confirm my booking – when they said we’d won I just couldn’t believe it. Even now, it just doesn’t seem real. Who wins a wedding? It’s a dream come true

Conor: It’s surreal. When we were planning the wedding we were looking a few years away, so for it to be next year feels crazy – it’s a whirlwind!

Who was the first person you called to tell?

Both: Our Mums!

Conor: My mum didn’t believe me! I hadn’t told her Emily had entered the competition so she was really confused, “How’ve you won a wedding?”. I told her I had no clue, but to keep the date free in January!

Emily: I don’t think Conors mum really comprehended what we’d won! My mum was with my nan when I told her, they were both so happy – I couldn’t wait to see them in person. I called my sister next – she was really excited for about a minute then started panicking. She’s my Maid of Honour so she went into full on planning mode!

Conor: Our friends just couldn’t believe it, again all anyone seems to say is how’ve you won a wedding?

What do you think of The Hay Loft at Allerton Manor, your wedding venue!

Emily: The Hay Loft is stunning, this is the venue I would have chosen anyway. I love the way the rustic style features mix with the modern vibe – it’s actually perfect. 

Conor: We loved seeing it set up for a wedding when we visited the wedding fayre, we were able to properly picture how the day would run, it got us feeling so excited for our big day! We couldn’t ask for more – the way the room flows is brilliant for a wedding with the main room, bar and outdoor terrace.

What’s first on your wedding journey?

Conor: Emily had an Excel spreadsheet started on the very first day! But I feel lucky, with the full day package pretty much everything is taken care of and the team here are a great help. It means we can make the most of the journey and just enjoy the fun bits – dress, suits, photographer, choosing which dishes we want on the menu!

I just want to say thank you so much – I just can’t stop thinking how lucky and grateful I feel. I’m just looking forward to the day and celebrating with everybody, and obviously the party afterwards – I’ve checked out the draught beer selection and I think we’re onto a winner here!

Emily: I think obviously for me, the dress is something I cant wait for – it’s a huge part of the day. Plus the wedding rings – as part of the prize we’ve won £1000 off our wedding rings at Wong’s jewellers – this feels really special as my engagement ring is from Wongs too! Apart from that I can’t wait to make my invites and get them sent out – I’m so excited!

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