Why Couples Are Choosing Twilight Weddings

The traditional wedding day in the UK follows a fairly predictable pattern, starting with the wedding ceremony in the morning. This is followed by signing the register and photo opportunities, before heading off for the wedding breakfast and speeches. A short break to recover and catch your breath, and it’s time to dance the night away at the evening wedding reception.

It’s a familiar wedding journey for many of us, and most couples still abide by it. However, many are choosing to forgo the traditional route in favour of something a little different—namely, a twilight wedding.

In this article, we’re going to discuss some of the reasons why so many couples are choosing twilight weddings over daytime events.

Twilight Wedding Package

Available on selected dates

Included in your package

  • Ceremony Room Hire
  • Canapés (three per person)
  • Glass of Prosecco
  • Mini Evening Buffet
  • Red Carpet
  • Wedding Golf Buggy

Wedding Packages From


For 60 guests. Additional guests are £40.00 for all day & night. Evening guests are an extra £22.00 per person.


  • Cocktail Upgrade £1.95 per glass
  • Prosecco Toast Drink From £7.00 per glass
  • BBQ Buffet Upgrade £10.00 per person
  • Late Night Snacks From £3.95 per item
  • Love Letters £150.00
  • Sweet Cart £100.00

What is a twilight wedding?

Don’t worry: it’s got nothing to do with doe-eyed teens and sparkly vampires (unless that’s your thing, of course!). Twilight weddings take place later in the day, usually in the early evening. They are timed so that the sun is setting just as you’re saying your vows, making for a beautiful visual of the happy couple, with their long shadows being cast by the rays of the setting sun.

But why are they becoming such a popular wedding trend?

Beautiful Sunsets

As we’ve already mentioned, getting married at sunset creates a beautiful backdrop for your wedding ceremony, resulting in some stunning photos. It’s not just a great visual, though – the setting sun can also be symbolically important. It represents the end of one phase of your life and the start of the next one as a married couple.

Atmospheric Lighting

For twilight weddings, you’ll need some other kind of light source for your guests, particularly if you’re outside. Now is the time to break out the twinkling fairy lights to match the stars overhead, lanterns and torches to provide a warming glow.

Shorter Wedding Day

Wedding days can be stressful enough for many couples, but the thought of spending the entire day as the centre of attention can be especially troubling. With a twilight wedding, you effectively cut the day in half. You have your ceremony, you sign the register, and you’re straight off to the wedding reception. No need for a formal, sit-down meal, or a bunch of speeches, unless you really want to include them.

Budget Friendly

Twilight weddings offer great advantages for anyone getting married on a budget. Since they start in the late afternoon/early evening, you’re only expected to serve one meal to your guests. The shorter day might mean a discount on photographers, videographers, and other services, especially if they charge by the hour. A twilight wedding also means friends and family don’t have to take the full day off work if you choose a midweek ceremony, which can also save you money.

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